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BMSTUDIO S.r.l. Progetti Integrati is an architectural and engineering consultancy firm based in Rome. The Architect Valter Macchi funded the studio in 2010, after a thirty-year career in coordinating and managing projects locally and internationally. The practice combines his expertise with the skills of a highly qualified and diversified team. With the contribution of specialized consultants that match the specific requirements of each project, BM Studio is equipped to provide comprehensive designs across a number of disciplines. Our urban planners, landscape designers, architects, structural, geotechnical and hydraulic engineers, interior architects and product designers, join forces to address the needs of both private clients and those in the public sector.

Projects are approached with site-specific research and analysis addressing physical, environmental, and socio-economical aspects, therefore optimizing the full potential that each location has to offer. The studio’s portfolio includes works in Italy, Romania, Kazakhstan, Germany, Spain, and Bahrein in the Middle East. The projects that BM Studio manages are on an 80K to 200K budget in average.

The key sectors that they are involved in are: healthcare, residential, retail, civic, education, leisure and cultural, social service, industrial design, rail, transportation and infrastructure strategy, urban design and masterplanning.


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